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23rd May 2007

The effectiveness of the SLB Antenna, apart from the frequency
content broadcast, has everything to do with the volume output of the
device used.
The effective radius of its reach is the same as that which the ear
can hear sound, such as music & speach.
When broadcasting from an MP3 Player without additional amplification
the sound radius is limited to about 3',(1m). This is the effective
radius of the broadcast frequencies ie. personal activity only! (Or
perhaps positive action on others as well who may come within our
personal space as Doc. indicated earlier)

Whereas, using the SLB connected to an amplified speaker system such
as a home stereo, PC, Lap-top; the active radius could be up to 40',
(12m) or more using the SLB for global broadcasting. Penetrating
right through the family home for example, & effectively treating the
whole family with helpful frequencies. Naturally, great care should
be taken with the frequency sets used in this way for obvious reasons.
Perhaps the beneficial "hit" that he was talking about could be
obtained from the SLB with the same high volume output using the PC,
or stereo system!?

In earlier postings both the Doc. & I commented on the effect that
the SSF'S had when broadcasting globally including restlessness,
anxiety, etc. if used for an extended period of time in this way.

I found it extremely interesting the Doc's comments that he was able
to get relief from various painful conditions & assistance inducing
restful sleeping by actually applying the MP3 player combined with
the SLB to different locations on the body. After all these years of
using the SLB I hadn't thought of applying the MP3, SLB combination
directly to specific areas of the body as he described -
thank you for that significant breakthrough!

Following on with that illuminating discovery, it may also be
possible to use this combination & also broadcast Rife type frequency
sets to treat other bodily ailments & health challenges in the same
way. With such a simple & low cost way of providing therapy it sounds
just too easy doesn't it! Much room for further experimentation here
so I'm going to immediately start using the SSF with the 'life
extension' frequencies so that I'll live long enough to prove it. <grin>


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