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SLB - 'Silent Listening Broadcast Antenna'
... Add to the mix the use of the SLB antenna which when used with a personal MP3 Player
effectively places the user in a personal bubble of frequency enlightenment ...

Andrea Fetsko -
6th Jan 2009
Re: SLB (SilentListening Broadcast Antenna)
I am definitely interested in this when it is introduced. Probably would like at least 2 of them. The two I have already are the best. I cannot thank you enough. Now I need two more of the improved ones. :) Thank you and please keep me posted on the debut.
much light and love-Andrea
  "con infinito amore e luce"  - with endless love & light :x Andrea
The Gall Bladder frequencies I designed, which are among the ones Im looping right now, are based on a very old TCM formula..... I place the MP3 player with the SLB close to or over the Gall Bladder meridian on my leg......  I suspect that many of the principles we see in QiGong and practiced by the Masters are playing out here.....
Wed Apr 16, 2008 5:57 am
Doc Stars
ROB - MARY - Re: [the_sound_of_stars]
Re: ROB - SLB Antenna
Rob, Can you explain to Mary?  Or point her to the right direction?     Mary, there are different ways of playing the frequencies.... the SLB converts the sound output to magnetic field, flux effects.... so your body listens to it 'silently'   you can also do a key word search in out group archive for more info on SLB
Doc, Rob and All, I too am sorry that the new people in the group don't/won't have the opportunity to purchase Rob's SLB antenna's.   I use mine when traveling, in the airport AND on the airplane. Also, I use my SLB with the underground frequencies the whole time I am at work, about 7 hours a day, 4 days a week.  I also listen to my frequencies out-loud in the car stero (CD's) to and from work and at home out loud with speakers.
Donna Dillon
Its a crying shame that so many of our new members won't have
access to the SLB, I would have LOVED to see you equipped for this,
so you could experience the joy of being able to walk around with
your own private bubble shield, programming it with whatever it was
you desired and frankly it would have also given us the opportunity
to collect more data on this approach to using the frequencies....
I'm very blessed to have received my SLB's from Rob when they were
still available, THANKS ROB!
WEIGHT LOSS FOUNDATIONAL - Re: [the_sound_of_stars] New Frequency Uploaded -
... Weight Loss Foundation as well? Or, could it just be a priority thing? (get my priorities right) Perhaps the use of the MP3 - SLB as a 'carry around' portable treatment unit when passing a bakery or chocolate shop, or even at the meal table would be the ideal ...
Hi folks,

Have been away at a business seminar for the last six days. I had some
great results using the fatigue and DNA repair frequencies in the
afternoon after lunch when the slow down period hits. I also used
Recuperation frequency quite a bit. All my play was with the SLB
antennae. I noticed the most specific energy improvements when I
played the DNA repair frequencies in the afternoon upon the first sign
of feeling tired. Looped the frequency and played for about 1 hour.


Re: [the_sound_of_stars] Re: Recuperation SSF
My best guess is, your'e probably right.  If we consider the SLB to be a farily significant tool for using the frequencies in PASSIVE mode as decsribed in the docs, then its likely.  Observations have been so far that ACTIVE mode needs to be regulated more than PASSIVE mode play and kept within certain time span parameters.  PASSIVE mode doesn't seem to require the same degree of management, unless you are using the SLB with a non battery device, i.e. its plugged in and you REALLY have the volume cranked, in that case you are dealing with potentially a really high amplitudinal out put and in those cases we have found, for instance, users play frequencies silently during sleep had to make sure they did not have the volume cranked way up because overcharging could still result.  Its still a matter of experimentation, we dont have anything we can point to that qualifies as hard proof on this one, but we have a reasonable amount of anecdotal, observational reports posted here over time on the newgroup.
Doc. Stars
First night results - Re: ROBS SILENT ANTENNA
It is said that behind many illnesses is an underlying metaphysical
cause. The right side of the body represents Masculine energies,
giving, putting out, the "do side", or physical side. Men, or
father. The left side of the body – your complain - is usually
defined as the feminine side. It represents receptivity, taking in,
women, mother, love.
Science proved that the mind and the body are linked. It also proved
that positive thinking techniques have a positive impact on healing
outcomes. I do not know if it is possible to make a frequency out of
Your report on your first night results is fascinating. Tonight I'll
try both the anti age frequency and the sleep easy frequency. I
can't wait. This sounds like an invitation to Eden!




Postings from SSF - Sounds of the Stars Frequency
21st May 2007

I have been testing the SLB now for about a month.
(Silent Listening Broadcast Antenna)

I intend to write a follow up letter that details my
observations, but am still playing catch up so will do
this as soon as i can.

For now, in brief, I wanted to report that after a
months usage, I really do seem to be experiencing
something remarkable with this device.

The experience is different, more subtle, less
'actively' felt by my conscious mind, but does seem to
be there and does seem to make a difference.

I'll explain in brief, every morning when I get up I
typically loop 3 freqs to get my butt rolling and
during my morning exercise, but listening to them as
audio NOT via SLB. I use;

ENERGY AND FOCUS OPTIMIZER and GOOD LUCK EVOKER; a special custom healing freq I made for myself.

It doesn't take long before the mental, physical,
emotional energy picks up and my lethargy gets shaken
off. When I listen consciously to the freqs and feel
the sound resonanting through my body, I get a
pronounced feeling of exhileration, momentum, etc....

I do NOT personally, at least not yet, get those
specific types of feelings, characteristics from using
the SLB, they just dont appear.

However, this is at home during the day, where I can
use the steroe etc. When Im out, walking around
downtown, or when Im at home sleeping, use of the
freqs becomes more difficult unless I want to carry a
boom box on my shoulder or of course I could also
listen to the freqs via headphones on a walkman, mp3
player and that does work great and I do that as well
anyway, but to go about my day with the freqs present
and effecting me but not requiring headphones and not
being noticeable well, the concept seemed ideal, but
unless I noted actual effects, well I had to wonder
what the value of using the SLB was.

However, over time, I have noted repeatedly VERY
significant effects that are to me quite valuable.

When I go to sleep at night, especially during plus or
minus 2 days within full moon, I get pronounced aches
and pains on the left side of my body, I get a
twitching spasm in my left foot, left thigh, left arm,
lots of numbness and tingling, occasional minor thump
in the left part of my chest, and the region in the
left part of my lower occipital feels spasmy, weird,
achy.... this makes it extremely hard to sleep well
too, I keep tossing and turning, waking up frequently,
have to urinate more through out the night, bad
disjointed dreams, all in all not a nice experience to
go through.

So I created a number of custom freqs to address what ever was afflicting me, I used a novel approach to this that I am still tinkering with, plus I throw in the freqs of age regression, sleep well, etc... And I began using the mp3 player with Robs SLB, I would place the unit on my thigh, by the back of my head, under my liver area, etc....

I can honestly say, that when I use this unit,
especially when I go to sleep at night during times
when I am feeling more ill or restless, the aching
discomfort seems to slowly, softly ebb out and away, and I actually seem to sleep better, the spasms seem to drop out... all in all its remarkable, whether its a placebo or not I dont care because the end result is that good so far. I can usually tell if its going to be a bad night, my left foot within minutes starts to feel 'dry' really dry and it almost seems to bloat a bit, and I feel like crap and it starts twitching.

But when I place the SLB on it and then try going to sleep, its seems to work like a light dimmer switch where the pain and discomfort is slowly turned down and I can fade into sleep. This is a break through for me.

For daily protection, I have found what seems to be odd coincidental occurences happening to me when wearing the SLB and I have also noticed what seems to be a dramatic shifting in how people behave towards me and interact with me when using the slb with mp3 player.

Some of its down right weird, but I like it! I will
report my findings on the daily portable use more when I have the time, as that will take a bit to go on about.

When I first heard about the SLB I thought it was a
great idea, but I didnt want to advocate its use until
I had tried it thoroughly myself first, otherwise it
might sound like I was endorsing someones product
unjustifiably, and product endorsement is not what
this site is about, if Rob sells SLB's I don't get a
cent from that, and if he makes any money providing
these to us, thats his business... I don't care as long
as its helping people and is relevant to our goals on
the forum.

But so far, after testing it, all I know is I do seem
to be feeling better, and it certainly merits further

If any one else out there has anecdotes about using
this SLB with the SSF I'd like to hear about it! (Doc. Stars)

23rd May 2007
Comments from Rob regarding the SLB

The effectiveness of the SLB Antenna, apart from the frequency content broadcast, has everything to do with the volume output of the device used.

The effective radius of its reach is the same as that which the ear can hear sound, such as music & speach.
When broadcasting from an MP3 Player without additional amplification the sound radius is limited to about 3',(1m). This is the effective radius of the broadcast frequencies ie. personal activity only! (Or perhaps positive action on others as well who may come within our personal space as Doc. indicated earlier)

Whereas, using the SLB connected to an amplified speaker system such as a home stereo, PC, Lap-top; the active radius could be up to 40', (12m) or more using the SLB for global broadcasting. Penetrating right through the family home for example, & effectively treating the whole family with helpful frequencies. Naturally, great care should be taken with the frequency sets used in this way for obvious reasons.
Perhaps the beneficial "hit" that he was talking about could be
obtained from the SLB with the same high volume output using the PC, or stereo system!?

In earlier postings both the Doc. & I commented on the effect that the SSF'S had when broadcasting globally including restlessness, anxiety, etc. if used for an extended period of time in this way.

I found it extremely interesting the Doc's comments that he was able to get relief from various painful conditions & assistance inducing restful sleeping by actually applying the MP3 player combined with the SLB to different locations on the body. After all these years of using the SLB I hadn't thought of applying the MP3, SLB combination directly to specific areas of the body as he described - thank you for that significant breakthrough!

Following on with that illuminating discovery, it may also be
possible to use this combination & also broadcast Rife type frequency sets to treat other bodily ailments & health challenges in the same way. With such a simple & low cost way of providing therapy it sounds just too easy doesn't it! Much room for further experimentation here so I'm going to immediately start using the SSF with the 'life extension' frequencies so that I'll live long enough to prove it. <grin>
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