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Handheld Electrodes:

Stainless steel handheld Pipes for Zapper




















Energise important

A Simple Guide to the use of the
Mobile Electrode Connection

Download & print - pdf.


This is a guide only for the use of the Mobile Electrode Connection package.

It isn’t an instruction on how to use Frequencies whether they are SSF, (Sounds of Stars Frequencies), Rife, & FREX. etc. More information can be found by Googling these & other research subjects. All such modalities will have disclaimers on their use which should be carefully observed.

The placement & the use of the electrodes is a matter of individual experimentation.
Very simply, if it doesn’t work on a particular location it is suggested that you try another area or method of application.

For example;
The Pad electrodes can be applied to a painful area for pain relief. You may find that the pain is relieved, but then it moves to another location which should be ‘chased’ to the new location & so on!

You may find it useful to use the opposite’s procedure when using the Pad electrodes;
If for example you are treating the right knee, then you would place one electrode on that location & the second on the left knee in the same position.
Or, say for a pain in the chest, arrow the second electrode position on the back in that location.

General Guide for SSF Frequencies:

“SSF’s interoperate mainly with the energetics of the conscious, subconscious state and perhaps with the physicality of the organism.” (Quote from Doc. Stars).
So, the earlobe electrodes would be recommended first of all using only a battery operated MP3 player. High powered frequencies from a PC, laptop or stereo should never be used in this way.

Earlobe Electrodes:

Suggested placement;

1. On the earlobes using only a battery operated MP3 player – 45 minutes maximum although it can be repeated at 2 hourly intervals if required.
VERY IMPORTANT – Keep hydrated with WATER! Drink a glass of water before & after each treatment.

2. Clip the earlobe electrodes to garments touching the skin for 24/7 use with an MP3 player – Again, be properly hydrated using WATER!

Handheld Electrodes:

3. Clip the earlobe electrodes to hand-holds using 2 lengths of the thinnest gauge copper tubing available aprox. 1 “ in diameter about 6” long. (Your nearest hardware store or plumbing supply place should have no problem in providing these for you.)

Tape the pad electrode connection pins to the handheld copper tube electrodes, or alternatively, the stainless steel mesh electrode pads could also be taped to the handheld copper tube electrodes instead of using the 'earlobe electrodes'!

Note: There is probably not enough power from the MP3 player to drive the frequencies here so a PC, Laptop, or home stereo should be used with caution.
DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE EFFECT that this application may provide.

The use of the Boostaroo would be ideal connected to boost the output of the MP3 for a potent, portable, 'silent delivery' frequency delivery solution!

Start with a 3 minute use & build slowly from there with hydration being a prime concern. Volume levels should initially be set no more than half way!

Stainless Steel Mesh Electrodes:

These should last a very long time with normal care & the built in adhesive gel can be revived many times with a drop of water. Even with the adhesive gel no longer active the Pads can be taped in position using whatever tape that will adhere to the skin or clothing.

Suggested placement;

1. Directly on the pain or condition requiring treatment directly on the skin, or taped to the inner clothing so that it comes in contact with the skin.
Experimentation will indicate what works best for you here.

2. Just try dropping the electrodes in an empty pocket whilst connected to your MP3 Player for a walk-around, (mobile), experiment! For general use it really shouldn't make any difference at all whether you have them attached to your skin, inner clothing or just loose in your pocket.

3. Use directly on acupuncture points. An excellent guide for placement can be found here….
Placement on the Thymus gland on the middle of the breastbone between the nipples has been reported as an excellent starting place for pad placement.
It is suggest that only one pad is required here. You can remove the other pad & the bare connector pin can be tucked in wherever convenient, or the second pad placed on the navel as a secondary position.
There are many warnings that frequencies are not to be used directly on the heart. I use it quite regularly in this location & have never had a problem; however caution should be exercised, particularly if using a driver other than an MP3 player.

3. Locations such as the third eye position & on the temples should be used with caution as with placing them directly on the thyroid using only the MP3 player.
Generally speaking, I believe that the hand-holds could be the best option for an overall body effect using any frequency modality & possibly the safest when used with a high volume output.

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Active Listening...
Silent Listening - Silent Broadcasting - Passive Listening - Mobile Electrode Connection...

Active listening:
PC Speakers, Home Stereo, CD Player etc.
Silent/Passive Listening:
Ideal for mobile use; shopping, working, driving, walking, sleeping etc.etc.
Unlike loud active listening, PASSIVE LISTENING devices allow for slow but sure benefits of frequencies for the body.
This method could also be used as a back-up to your daily Active Listening selection.
This effect is likened to Homeopathic therapies ... "less is better!"

Silent/Passive Listening Devices - Any device which transmits impulses, frequencies or sound waves to the body not detectable by the human ear ...

Stereo headphones or ear buds positioned on the body at selected sites for pain reduction or applied to acupoints etc.
I am of the opinion that the larger headphones would need a larger driver than an MP3 player such as a Home Stereo, PC, Laptop CD Player etc.

With the Home Stereo you could play the frequencies from a CD, or amplify the sounds from a MP3 player using a 3.5mm to 6.3mm jack plug converter on the input plug socket.
Obviously, this is not a practical solution for mobile use but can be used or adapted by most everyone for 'Silent Listening'.
frequencies are amplified & used in this fashion. Start with the sound levels set low & gradually increase the volume as required.
Remember to drink plenty of water before & after use!

  • Devices not attached to the body (Mobile!)
    Using MP3 Player

    Silent Listening Broadcast Antenna
    (This device is currently unavailable but will be reintroduced about the end of February 2009 in a new & improved form. (Search the Group archives for numerous reports by members.)

    Electrode pads - May be affixed to inner clothing garments without necessarily touching the skin or simply placed in a convenient pocket whilst mobile.

Note: There have been opinions expressed that none of these devices should be operated on or near the heart or the head
I would personally agree that amplification boosted by a home stereo, PC, laptop or CD player etc. should be used with care in these areas, even if you know what you are doing...

However, in my opinion, the output from a single AAA battery operated MP3 player is quite safe to use in these areas. (The earlobe electrodes are extremely useful attaching of course to a very sensitive area of the head.)

Nevertheless, it is very important to remain fully hydrated at all times when using either the ACTIVE or PASSIVE methods noted above by drinking water before & after each session.

Single AAA battery MP3 Player
Electrode Connection

iPod Electrode Connection

1. Double wrist electrode connection using velcroe bands.
(Expandable tennis wrist bands
are also ideal to hold electrodes in position)

2. Double wrist electrode connection using
re-hydrated electrode gel self-adhesion











































































Tips on how to get the best
results from using your SLB!

  1. As most individual researchers tend to self-diagnose their own health challenges, then choose their own frequency protocol, it is always a possibility that the choice is not what the body needs or can accept, thus the results can be disapointing or problematical.
    I would suggest that selected frequency sets be tested by the individual user with kinesiology, (muscle testing), for superior results. Whilst I don't sell it, a very useful device is the TruTester, (about $20), which can be used for one hand testing & I recommend it for this use without any reservations!

  2. When using the SLB with a MP3 as the frequency driver, which seems to be most common treatment method, the volume ouput is invariably usually turned to maximum.
    Our research has shown that with the poorer quality MP3 players that the output is so distorted at the maximum volume output as to make the treatment quite useless & time wasting. Not to mention that the results will be very disapointing to the user or even negative in nature.

    The trick is to listen first with earphones to get the medium volume output without any distortion at all & leave it at that setting for use with the SLB.
    For best results, this should be done with every change in frequency sets & should be routine even when using high quality MP3 players. The new & improved SLB will work extremely well even at a low, guaranteed undistorted volume output.

    This advice also particularly applies with the use of the Boostaroo as the boosted signal output can become distorted at increased volume levels!

  3. When used on a 24/7 basis, the SLB connected to a MP3 player will drip-feed the user with frequencies just right for them & the overall results will be vastly superior to short term exposures via earphones or open audio listening.
    Suits pocket, purse, handbag, briefcase...when travelling, at work, shopping, in the kitchen etc.
    Many clients place the SLB, MP3 combo on a bedside table for use overnight with excellent results.

  4. Kinesiology testing could also be used to determine when the body has had enough. There is no advantage in continuing a treatment when the body cannot accept further exposure to the selected frequencies. This should always be kept in mind for a successful outcome for your clients for referrals & total satisfaction.

  5. Finally, please be aware that this protocol will not work for everyone. There will be those people who for whatever reason just isn't going to work for them.
    However, take heart. If it doesn't work for you, it will no doubt work for someone that you love & care for!

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