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(December 2009)

New & improved SLB
Tested 10 times better than our original model
Yes, that's correct - 1000% better!

(see the New SLB test results...PDF)

Tips on how to get the best
results from using your SLB!
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Our original SLB is now over 7 years old & apart from some minor adjustments hasn't changed, nor has the price increased during this period of time which is quite an achievement, & we are still receiving reports of amazing results using this device.

With the collaboration of a professional electronics engineer who is head of his department at a University here, we have been able to increase the effectiveness of the magnetic field output of the SLB by at least 10 times - that's 1000% !

In his own words - (electro-magnetic energy...) "That's where I live"! A self-proclaimed enthusiast who has enabled us to offer a vastly improved product with a relatively small increase in price to recover R & D costs over the last 12 months with new superior internal components.

We are confident that you will experience vastly superior results with your
personal frequency experiments using the new & improved SLB.


SLB Antenna
New & improved!



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Discount 'Silent Delivery' packages...

1. 2. 3. 4. Earlobe electrodes:

SLB only $69
when purchased
as a package
SLB + Basic "Silent" Electrode
Connection with
2 x pad electrodes
*$29 + $69
Total $103

(inc. $5 additional postage)

SLB only $69
when purchased
as a package
SLB + Basic "Silent" Electrode
4 x pad electrodes

*$35 + $69
Total $109

(incl. $5 additional postage)

SLB only $69
when purchased as a package
SLB + Basic 4 pad
Electrode Connection
Earlobe Electrodes
(rr $45)

*$35 + $69 + $35
Total $144

(incl. $5 additional postage)

Min. 3 SLB
(1 order)

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Min.Buy 3 x $69 Total $207
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Plus connector lead
(3mm jackplug suits all mp3 players)

incl. p&p.

'Silent listening'

Broadcast Antenna...

'Heavy Duty' Antenna

Schematic diagram on how these delivery
systems can be connected - PDF

Heavy duty

'Silent Listening'

Broadcast Antenna - $49 USD

An elegantly simple & economical
solution for broadcasting - relaxing
or energising music frequencies
up to a 40', (12m) radius using
the home stereo, PC & lap-top.

MP3 Player!

(Wonderfully portable when used with an
MP3 Player
, but a lesser personal
operational radius of 5' (1.5m)

The ‘Silent Listening’ broadcast
antenna has an effective operating
radius of up to 6m when plugged
directly into the earphone jack of
a CD player or line-out plug if
provided on your player.

Is effective for use in the Home, Office,

or Workplace with a selected Sound

Vibrational Audio CD.

Note: Any music, voice or nature sounds
for example which stimulates, relaxes
or sets a chosen mood from your own
CD collection can be used in conjunction with
the ‘silent listening’ Broadcasting antenna.

Tips on how to get the best
results from using your SLB!

  1. As most individual researchers tend to self-diagnose their own health challenges, then choose their own frequency protocol, it is always a possibility that the choice is not what the body needs or can accept, thus the results can be disapointing or problematical.
    I would suggest that selected frequency sets be tested by the individual user with kinesiology, (muscle testing), for superior results. Whilst I don't sell it, a very useful device is the TruTester, (about $20), which can be used for one hand testing & I recommend it for this use without any reservations!

  2. When using the SLB with a MP3 as the frequency driver, which seems to be most common treatment method, the volume ouput is invariably usually turned to maximum.
    Our research has shown that with the poorer quality MP3 players that the output is so distorted at the maximum volume output as to make the treatment quite useless & time wasting. Not to mention that the results will be very disapointing to the user or even negative in nature.

    The trick is to listen first with earphones to get the medium volume output without any distortion at all & leave it at that setting for use with the SLB.
    For best results, this should be done with every change in frequency sets & should be routine even when using high quality MP3 players. The new & improved SLB will work extremely well even at a low, guaranteed undistorted volume output.

    This advice also particularly applies with the use of the Boostaroo as the boosted signal output can become distorted at increased volume levels!

  3. When used on a 24/7 basis, the SLB connected to a MP3 player will drip-feed the user with frequencies just right for them & the overall results will be vastly superior to short term exposures via earphones or open audio listening.
    Suits pocket, purse, handbag, briefcase...when travelling, at work, shopping, in the kitchen etc.
    Many clients place the SLB, MP3 combo on a bedside table for use overnight with excellent results.

  4. Kinesiology testing could also be used to determine when the body has had enough. There is no advantage in continuing a treatment when the body cannot accept further exposure to the selected frequencies. This should always be kept in mind for a successful outcome for your clients for referrals & total satisfaction.

  5. Finally, please be aware that this protocol will not work for everyone. There will be those people who for whatever reason just isn't going to work for them.
    However, take heart. If it doesn't work for you, it will no doubt work for someone that you love & care for!

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