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For the Professional Therapist

The all-new SA-02 Squaring Amplifier

for amplifying the output of a PC Sound card, iPod, 3G Mobile,
(Cell), phone,
CD player etc. to a constant level of zero to five volts.

SA-02 Squaring Amplifier
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For optional use with the following equipment:

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HEALING Frequencies "Delivery Systems" for use with the above equipment!  

                                HEALING Frequencies "Delivery Systems"                                 

                                                                                                            (click on the illustrations to learn more)  

                                                         Schematic diagram on how these delivery systems can be connected - PDF                                                                                                

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'Heavy Duty'

'Silent' Listening Broadcast Antenna.

12m effective radius

$79 AUD
Quantity discounts
on offer!

Available NOW!

Combined with




(see next image)


('TENS' Acupuncture



1 x set pads
1 x lead connector

with mini jack- plug & pad connections


14 tracks of HEALING Frequencies

(Download &
Print PDF)


Earlobe Electrodes

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SA-02 Squaring Amplifier:
(Amplifies the frequency wave output & perfectly Squares
the wave no matter how it is originally produced!)

Announcing the all-new SA-02 Squaring Amplifier for amplifying the output of a PC Sound card, iPod,
CD player, 3G Mobile phone, Lap-top computer etc.
to to a constant level of zero to five volts.

An input of a half of a volt (500 millivolts rms, 1 volt is better) is plenty to provide a
5 volt square wave output from a sine wave or square wave input signal from a laptop.

Frequency response exceeds 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz, and the output is pre-set to zero to plus 5 volts,
with plenty of drive to run the input of most EMEM devices using darlington power transistors.

The SA-02 features a FAST output rise time of 80 nanoseconds. Power is supplied
by a standard 9-volt alkaline battery or by an optional 120 VAC to 9 VDC adapter. 

Supplied with the SA-02 are one 9v alkaline battery, two 3'
stereo 3.5mm cables, and an instruction sheet.

Note that only the left (or mono) channel is used.

The SA-02 has a 2.1mm x 5.5mm input jack for external 9VDC, center positive.

Measuring about 4" x 2.5" x .8" in size, the 9v battery
makes up most of the weight of the SA-02 Amplifier! 


2 x Earlobe Electrodes

1 x 1.2m connection lead with

3.5mm jackplug plus

2 x earlobe plug-in connections

1 x electrode gel-pack

          Use Earlobe Electrodes:

  • Inducing Sleep

  • Inducing Relaxation

  • Obtaining Relief from Neck, Head & Facial Pain

  • Rapid Recovery from Mental & Physical Exertion
    (By accelerating cell healing and inducing a release of Endorphins, [the "happy" hormones])

  • May be beneficial in treating Emotional &
    Depressive conditions

    Only $45 AUD
    including Standard International
    Air-Mail postage


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