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    The Plasma Energy Ball
    can be used on a 24/7 basis
    & will be effective within
    an 8', (3m) radius of
    the frequency energy field
    wherever there is a
    power point.

  • Watching TV
  • Preparing meals
  • At the office
    Meetings - watch the combined energy lift!
    Indoors or outdoors
  • Talking with friends
    (Give your friends a Natural energy boost!)

Scientific research using the Plasma Energy Ball.

Professionals in this field are researching the use of this form of frequency therapy for serious chronic disease states such as cancer, HIV etc. etc. Which places the once Novelty Plasma Energy Ball in an exciting & economical new dimension of a future safe & effective Healing modality!

Other Resonant Frequencies in addition to Energy may be encoded into the Plasma Energy Ball as a 'stand alone' unit for experimental therapy use!

Please contact us with your suggestions of specific health challenges where you think the experimental Resonant Frequency therapy could be useful.
A Free 'feasibility' quotation
will be provided.

Remember, with the addition of the optional 'connector & decoder', you can generate uplifting, health boosting frequencies for energy enhancement - or relaxation from your favourite music!
Plus, colour therapy with a spectrum of changing colours harmonising with the tonal qualities of the music!

Please note:

No responsibility will be accepted if these experimental frequencies are used for the treatment of any medical condition.
Nor are we able to answer any questions relating to treatment of any medical condition using resonant frequency therapy as it has not been approved for use in Australia.


Light & Sound

'Frequency Modulated' Plasma


only $139

(For NATURAL Energy Enhancement!)

.The Frequency Energy field can be detected
within an 8', (3m) radius of the Ball placement!


the connector & decoder

modification to play your favourite
music through the Plasma Ball
using the SOUND
for additional



Connect directly to your HOME Stereo or
portable player through the earphone jack.
(Both 3.5mm & 5mm plugs are catered for.)

only $125 extra....

Total $264



The 'Homeopathic' Energy Frequencies CD can be
played through a portable CD Player connected to the
Plasma Energy Ball
using the optional 'connector & decoder'

PLUS... Free download

Experimental healing frequencies:

The Free "FREX" software carries our recommendation. However, registration
is recommended for regular use!

Important notes:

  • It is necessary to add the optional connector & decoder as noted above to connect to your PC or Lap-Top Sound card to run these frequencies through the Frequency Modulated Plasma Ball.
    (This connection will over-ride the pre-set Energy modulation)

    We are unable to to answer any questions regarding the use of any of these frequencies, as this modality has not been approved by the TGA for use in Australia and is purely for experimental use only!

  • Dr. Hulda Clark MiniFG Frequency Generators may be purchased from the USA for as little as $350 AUD plus shipping. Please contact us direct for details of this very special Limited offer. (Normal retail - $700 AUD)

    or Phone 61 7 3423 0066

    MiniFG Frequency Generator
    Can be connected directly to the 'Sound & Light' Frequency Modulated Plasma Ball using the
    Optional $105 'connector & decoder'

    Summary of the Frex & CHIamp
    'Software' by the Developer.

    We have three basic therapeutic frequency systems here.  
    Frex which outputs single frequency programs, with the intention of using electromagnetic transmitters.

    It offers selective microbe devitalization, cellular recharge, and immune boosting along with entrainment and placebo amplification functions, which may be more functional via plasma transmitters than contact pads. I don't know yet.
    CHIamp is a special low frequency system designed mainly for tactile transducers, mechanical vibration. Electromagnetic output is almost non existent.

    CHIamp differs from Frex in the way
    the output wave cycle is constructed.

    In CHIamp we use a frequency range, usually quite narrow, and random, single cycle waves are output within this range. The function is that the body doesn't know what the next wave shape will be so it can't compensate for it.

    This means the body has to let go (and it does this very fast) so the application of CHIamp is greatly enhanced.
    When I use Frex, non random, single frequency output with tactile transducers, then the body is able to compensate for this signal and the effects aren't as great as when using CHIamp for low frequency work.

    I have used both Frex and CHIamp with the plasma transmitters, and prefer CHIamp for my low frequency work, I "seem" to get faster results with it than Frex, when using tactile transducers.
    CHIamp only needs a little more work in the program management side, and it is pretty well a finish product. But as it is performing now, it does so extremely well and there is no more mission critical functions required for it its application.
    Frex on the other hand requires a few more mission critical functions to bring it up to standard Rife specifications.
    The ERS "scanner instrument" is the third product that will be introduced here soon. I hope it doesn't confuse people too much.
    All the ERS will do is scan the body searching for resonating signals that are in the body, that's all.
    CHIamp and Frex are treatment programs, ERS is a diagnostic program. Hopefully it will tell us the exact frequencies we need to use to address disease, very, very fast.  

    My intention is to install CHIamp into the Frex software, this is planned for Frex16, but this work must wait until after the ERS instrument is released.

    If we can get ERS to work on the body, then this could mean the difference of life and death for some disorders that researchers and scientists are currently studying.  

    Over the years I seen a few friends and clients loose their battle with terminal illness, even when using consensus, complementary and alternative healing regimes together.
    Had the ERS been finished, the outcome could have well been different. I am greatly motivated to get the ERS released ASAP and am doing all I can with the time I have available to achieve this.

    I hope this clarify's the situation. No big software company here, just a few technical people with some dreams and the means and motivation to accomplish them.  

    I wish to thank everyone for their registering Frex and CHIamp. This extra financial support has allowed me to spend more time on software and firmware development and not chase my massage business as aggressively as I would normally do.
    Ken Uzzell   6/03/06
    Frex - CHIamp - ERS (coming soon)

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'Frequency Modulated'



only $139 ea

(Inbuilt sound microphone unit!)

Sorry, this unit is not available!


'Silent listening'

Broadcast Antenna...

'Heavy Duty' Antenna




'Silent Listening' Broadcasting


The NEW 'Light' Personal

'Silent Listening' Antenna - $45

(Effective 1m aprox.) Sorry, not available!

Schematic diagram on how these delivery
systems can be connected - PDF

Heavy duty

'Silent Listening'

Broadcasting Antenna - $75

An elegantly simple & economical
solution for broadcasting - relaxing
or energising music frequencies
up to a 20', (6m) radius using
the home stereo, PC & lap-top.

MP3 Player!

(Wonderfully portable when used with an
MP3 Player
, but lesser operational radius)

The ‘Silent Listening’ broadcast
antenna has an effective operating
radius of up to 6m when plugged
directly into the earphone jack of
a CD player or line-out plug if
provided on your player.

Is effective for use in the Home, Office,

or Workplace with a selected Sound

Vibrational Audio CD.

Note: Any music, voice or nature sounds
for example which stimulates, relaxes
or sets a chosen mood from your own CD collection can be used in conjunction with
the ‘silent listening’ Broadcasting antenna.

Experimental FREX software
frequencies & the 'Homeopathic' Energy frequencies CD can also be broadcast
using the 'Silent' Broadcast Antenna!

only $75 AUD
(Aprox. $63 USD)

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The ‘Homeopathic’ Frequency CD is composed of 14 tracks.
Each track has sets of frequencies which may be used to assist the body in the healing process.
Track 14 comprises all of the frequencies found in the proceeding 13 tracks.
for a complete listing of health challenges and the suggested track for use.
The CD player can be set to repeat the individual tracks for as long as you require. This CD is not for listening and should be used only with the ‘silent listening’ antenna, the Plasma Energy Ball and the MP3 Player Delivery System.

Price including post
& packing




















Neither Frex or CHIamp 'Software' has been approved for use on humans in Australia.



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