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M. E. D. S
Micro-Electricity Delivery System
(21st Century PROGRAMMABLE TENS Device)

MEDS connected to 4 x AA batteries

MEDS connected to Electrodes
& iPod MP3 Player
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Programmable frequency selection:
(FebrFebruary 2011
Using an MP3 Audio Player, CD Player,
Cell Phone with MP3 Player,
PC or Laptop Computer!

Basic frequency DELIVERY system!

Download selected Frequencies noted below
to your Audio Recording/Playback device!
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Slip the MP3player with
SBU (Silent Broadcasting Unit) into your pocket for mobile use. Complete personal 'bubble' coverage
of up to 5', (1.5m) radius!

Electrode pad connection to MP3
Any quality MP3 player will work!











Buy Now!
Electrode connection cable plus 2 x stick-on
pad electrodes -
only $29 AUD
(Includes postage)


M.E.D.S Specification:


  1. The Output is current selectable from .1 to 5mA on the electrodes.

  2. The Current is modulated in both directions by the audio frequency signals delivered by the MP3 player.

  3. The internal supply voltage is 30V

  4. The MEDS unit should operate for 25 hours used with
    4 x AA batteries


  1. MEDS -TENS Frequency Amplification unit complete

  2. Battery pack - to accommodate 4 x 1.5 volt
    (AA batteries-not included)

  3. Charging cable - battery pack to MEDS unit fitted

  4. Double ended stereo jackplug lead - MP3 to MEDS

  5. TENS connecting cable with 3.5mm jackplug &
    2 connecting pins for the TENS stick-on electrodes

  6. 1 set of 2 knitted stainless steel mesh stick-on electrode pads

    Note: Does NOT include a any audio playback unit!

    Limited Time
    Special Introductory Offer - $349 ($399)

M.E.D.S Info...!

If you can accept that the ubiquitous MP3 player is no more or less than a miniature computer & can store digital frequencies exactly as recorded for playback;


The MEDS, (Micro-Electricity Delivery System) is able to deliver any selected frequency/s to the body from the MP3 player using a variety of tools: Pad electrodes, Earlobe electrodes, Hand-held electrodes, the SLB, (Silent Listening Broadcast Antenna), etc.
The AMPLIFIED frequencys can be felt as a tingle or burn on the skin depending on the placement of the electrodes, with the modulation controlled by the volume control of the Player itself! (With the exception of the SBU.)

Testing using an oscilloscope has confirmed that frequencies OUT are exactly the same as the recorded frequencies.
It is worth noting that TENS devices are currently approved for use by the FDA in the USA, & the TGA in Australia!!

M.E.D.S D.I.Y - Schematics

Boostaroo Plus MP3 Audio Player...
Another Frequency Delivery Modality!

Enhance your use of Digital Homeopathy & Rife frequencies by
*Boosting* the output of your MP3 Player by up to 100%!

click image for more information.

T613-ENC or Model: T613-DN - $29.99
(Models change-select one using AA batteries for convenience)
(Purchase direct from Boostaroo)

The Boostaroo® is a portable headphone audio amplifier that will double the available volume from your audio player and separate the audio signal into individual stereo channels to drive 3 separate sets of headphones or speakers.

Connecting a SBU and or Pad electrodes to an optional 'Boostaroo' mobile amplifier.
Boosts active frequency coverage by up to 100%

MP3 player connected
to a 'Boostaroo' with the SBU extends the active frequency coverage by
up to 20', (6m) radius!

Boostaroo Q & A:
"If you utilize more than one output, you will get some volume decrease,
but it's not a 1/3 per channel. Each output is independently powered.
So, it doesn't act like a traditional splitter. However, it increases the
power drain on the 2 x AA batteries, which overall will lower
the volume. The loss is more like 1/6 per channel used."

Optional frequency 'delivery' alternatives

Stainless steel handheld Pipes for Zapper
(SBU) Silent Broadcasting Unit
University Tested!
(see the New SBU test results...PDF)

TENS knitted stainless steel mesh stick-on electrodes. Using an additional cable a maximum of 4 TENS electrodes can be placed on various parts of the body for similtaneous use!

Earlobe Electrodes:

Use the same electrode connection cable as for the TENS electrodes - the gel pack has been removed from the package due to reports of contamination.

Handheld Electrodes:

Tape the pad electrode connection pins to the handheld copper tube electrodes

Buy Now!
$79 AUD
Buy Now!
Electrode connection cable
plus 2 TENS electrodes - only $29 AUD
Buy Now!
(Earlobe electrodes only)
$29 AUD

D.I.Y. only
2 lengths of the thinnest gauge
copper tubing available aprox.
1 “ in diameter about 6” long.


Special price DISCOUNT package!

  1. SLB only $69 when purchased as a package..
  2. Electrode connection cable
  3. 4 x stick-on Electrode Pads - (Knitted stainless steel mesh for exceptional conductivity)
  4. Earlobe Electrodes - (the gel pack has been removed due to reports of contamination.)

only $144 AUD

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