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"If the Doctors are right and the body's DNA is 95%
audio acoustic transmissions and receptions, then this
opens another window on why listening to tones works."

Ken Uzzell - Experimental FREX software


Tips on how to get the best results from using your SLB!
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Downloads description:
(Note: Some MP3 files are fairly large to accommodate recording at high performance 256kbps, & include all nominated
frequencies in the set. Once downloaded, convenient frequency playback on a 24/7 basis using the SLB will play big dividends - EVERYDAY! - ANYTIME! - ANYWHERE!)

528Hz -the Master Energy
Healing frequency

  • The Love frequency

  • Centre of the Rainbow spectrum (Green)

  • Centre of the EM colour spectrum

  • Center of the Audio spectrum Universal Healing frequency

  • Purify Water Energy frequency

  • DNA repair and rejuvination
  • Tone of the heart Chakra

The most potent energy healing
frequency we can use...
The center frequency in
'Mickies Magic Three'
(popular CAFL and
Rife users set)

Of all the frequencies, this has
been reported as having the
strongest "healing" effect.

528 Hz Should be used in all
frequency therapy sessions

  Dr. Leonard Horowitz advanced medicine by discovering DNA for 3% of its time manufactuers spare part proteins used by the cell and its functions, and for over 90% of its life is an electromagnetic receiver and transmitter of bioacoustic and bioelectric data signals.
  528Hz, the Master Energy
Healing frequency.

Be Well!  

Ken Uzzell (thanks Ken!)
HealMe Foundation
A New Humanity Associate

Further comments from Ken
on the 528 Hz frequency....

"This information comes from years of observation of peoples reactions to this therapy.

528 Hz is the center of many acoustic and electromagnetic influences in nature, and has a strong impact on most people that use it.
It can generate emotional releases for some people.

Five minutes with electrodes and plasma systems would be suggested as we are not trying to kill bugs with this frequency, but to lift the entire body system above the diseased state, for all mind, emotions, and physiological functions.

Both square wave, sine waves, sawtooth waves could be used here. All that is different is the harmonics. From my knowledge, most peoples exposure to 528 Hz
has been via square waves, and probably AC".

Experimental FREX software
(by Ken Uzzell)

more on 528 Hz frequency...

An exciting Research Project from Ken Uzzell - FREX
Project Title = Let's Switch ON Vitamin C
(http://www.heal-me.com.au/vitc-project.html) Jan/Feb 2011

Schumann Frequency:
7.83 Hz - Pulsed 10 mins

Download now

see wkipedia - Schumann resonances;


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528Hz -Master Healing Energy mp3 Pulsed - 10 mins (18389 kbps)
(See explanation at left)
Download now

325Hz, 528Hz, 15Hz - 'Mickey's Magic Three' mp3
Pulsed- 10 mins (17112 kbps)

Download now

Solfeggio Frequencies mp3 Pulsed - 20 mins (36119 kbps)
Download now

UT - 396 Hz -associated with releasing emotional patterns after:
(see RE - 417Hz below.)

RE - 417 Hz -associated with breaking up crystallized emotional patterns

MI - 528 Hz - relates to crown chakra; Dr. Puleo suggests an association with "DNA integrity" Transformation and Miracles

FA - 639 Hz - associated with whole brain quadrant interconnectedness. Connecting Relationships

SOL - 741 Hz - associated with intuitive states, non linear knowing. Awakening Intuition

LA - 852 Hz - associated with a pure love frequency: unconditional love and returning to Spiritual Order

980Hz - "OWN" Pulsed mp3 - 10 mins (18891 kbps)
( "OWN" Optimal Waveform Neuromodulation...
Reduce pain, accelerate healing, ease your stress, rejuvenate yourself...)
(researched by Pahl Dixon - 'Neuroptimizer'
Download now

Frequency Combo:
Rob's Selection mp3
Pulsed - 36 mins (67541 kbps)

Download now
(A combination of 528 Hz, 'OWN', 'Master Healing Energy', 'Mickey's Magic Three' & the 'Solfeggio' Frequencies - each 3 mins in duration)

398 417 528 980 639 741 528 980 325 15 852 528 Hz

Alzheimer's Disease:
(Herpes Frequencies - Pulsed)
Download now

Herpes has been in the news lately, (2009), with scientists discovering links between the Herpes virus and Alzheimer's Disease.

"I'm on a herpes/shingles mission to rid the world of this virus, thus reducing peoples risk to Alzheimer's Disease and I bet there are a whole lot of other chronic diseases that will in the future, be linked to the herpes virus.  
While cancer made Dr Rife famous, the herpes virus is making the new age Rife technology industry famous, as it is such an easy virus to kill with the current level of technology.  
The CAFL programs are good, and work exceptionally well. And we must not forget Jim Bare's frequency of 2,489 Hz ... this is said to work exceptional well on this virus."
(Ken Uzzell - Frex)

41, 65, 304, 383, 450, 464, 629, 1488, 1489, 1550, 1577, 1900, 2489, 2950,

The use of these pulsed frequencies utilising a MP3 player & SLB Antenna is purely speculative, & is offered for personal experimental research purposes only!

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Please note:
The use of these pulsed frequencies utilising
a MP3 player & SLB Antenna is purely
speculative, & is offered for personal
experimental research purposes only!

Added May 17 2009

Dr Hulda Clark
frequencies - (Pulsed)

All the Zappers in
one program!

Download now

Many people have experimented with the origional concept of Dr. Hulda Clark's zappers.
Here is a collection of frequencies that claim enhanced zapper performance.

These frequencies address all microbes and disease. dhc

15000, 1000, 1002.24, 2500, 5000, 10000, 15750, 11000, 15, 30000, 783,
(each 2 mins duration)

The use of these pulsed frequencies utilising a MP3 player & SLB Antenna is purely speculative, & is offered for experimental research purposes only!

added May 19 2009

the 'Nogier' Frequencies

Seven frequencies were developed experimentally by Dr Paul NOGIER
in the 1970s.

These frequencies are constantly used in
routine medical practice, as they are
preferentially recognized by the body.

They enter into resonance with the body
and specific exert effects on the body.
These frequencies are used both for detection and for treatment.

The U frequency is the so-called "universal" frequency and the resulting 7 fundamental frequencies are multiples of 2.

The same frequencies are used for laser
devices, but at a higher harmonic. They have
an identical action.

Definition of frequencies by Drs Paul
and Raphaël NOGIER:

Extract from "The man in the ear",
Maisonneuve, 1979, 255 p.

A action on the tissues wounds, epithelial tumours,epidermal reactions...

B gastrointestinal and metabolic problems
trophic functions, polarity, parasympathetic, interoceptive impulses...

C locomotor problems ergotropic function, sympathetic polarity....

D disorders of laterality

E pain and nerve conductionspinal cord diseases

F brain and bone reconstruction

G action on the cerebral cortexcortical, mental disorders ...
The effects can be potentiated by associating various frequencies. These combinations of frequencies are especially used in local therapy:

Suggested Use:

ANALGESIC - freqs. E and G
Download now - (9 mins.)
and F -
Download now - (15 mins.)
and G

Download now - (15 mins.)

Frequency programs:

You can choose your individual configuration and use with all available power, wavelengths, frequencies, and functions.

The frequencies are programmed (NOGIER/BAHR). Simply choose frequencies corresponding to body part and pathology.

A. Body openings, tonification, acute diseases, inflammation download (6 mins.)

B. Abdomen, sedation, chronic diseases, metabolism download (6 mins.)

C. Muscles, bones, joints, circulation, movement disorders download (6 mins.)

D. Commissural, brain frequencies, stress balance, relaxation download (6 mins.)

E. Nerves, pain, neuralgia, herpes zoster, spinal cord download (6 mins.)

F. Face, mouth, brain frequency, psychic/psychosomatic symptoms
download (3 mins.)

G. Frontal brain, intellectual disorder, anxiety, muscle strain download (3 mins.)

More on 528 hz frequency....

The Power of 528 Hz:

On Sunday night's program, guest host Rob Simone welcomed Dr. Len Horowitz, authority on public health and consumer protection, for a discussion on the remarkable properties of the 528 Hz frequency. "The way that the entire universe is constructed," he claimed, "is through a musical, mathematical matrix composed of nine core creative frequencies." Based on his research, Horowitz contended that the 528 Hz frequency is the key component of this matrix.

He explained that NASA studies show that the sun's output contains 528 Hz as "kind of a central frequency within it." In turn, he said, this frequency can also be found in oxygen as a result of the photosynthesis of plants. "All of the botanical world is actually celebrating the 528 Hz frequency," Horowitz declared. Ultimately, he observed that the frequency can be found in "the heart of everything" including sacred geometry as well as everyday sounds such as laughter, sighing, and yawning. Additionally, he said that the frequency has remarkable healing powers, including the ability to repair damaged DNA.  While 528 Hz may not be well known to the everyday populace, Horowitz mused that "people are inherently aware, in their hearts, of this frequency.  It resonates in their heart as joy."

Horowitz also alleged that the current standard tuning frequency of A440 Hz is the result of a nefarious conspiracy aimed at blocking the power of the 528 Hz frequency. According to him, A440 Hz was chosen as the standard because "military acoustic warfare research" determined that it was the most dissonant and stressful frequency. Horowitz said that this reliance on A440 Hz results in a suppression of the 528 Hz frequency in humans. Concurrently, the "left brain, egoic mind" is stimulated by A440 Hz, which he called a "major factor" in science "becoming the new God." However, Horowitz said, as knowledge of the 528 Hz frequency becomes more prevalent, musicians are now making instruments tuned to the powerful resonance. "Globally, we have a musical revolution," he mused, "we call it the '528 Love Revolution.'"

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Tips on how to get the best
results from using your SLB!
  1. As most individual researchers tend to self-diagnose their own health challenges, then choose their own frequency protocol, it is always a possibility that the choice is not what the body needs or can accept, thus the results can be disapointing or problematical.
    I would suggest that selected frequency sets be tested for the individual user using kinesiology, (muscle testing), for superior results. Whilst I don't sell it, a very useful device is the TruTester, (about $20), which can be used for one hand testing & I recommend it for this use without any reservations!

  2. When using the SLB with a MP3 as the frequency driver, which seems to be most common treatment method, the volume ouput is invariably usually turned to maximum.
    Our research has shown that with the poorer quality MP3 players that the output is so distorted at the maximum volume output as to make the treatment quite useless & time wasting. Not to mention that the results will be very disapointing to the user or even negative in nature.

    The trick is to listen first with earphones to get the medium volume output without any distortion at all & leave it at that setting for use with the SLB.
    For best results, this should be done with every change in frequency sets & should be routine even when using high quality MP3 players. The new & improved SLB will work extremely well even at a low, guaranteed undistorted volume output.

  3. When used on a 24/7 basis, the SLB connected to a MP3 player will drip-feed the user with frequencies just right for them & the overall results will be vastly superior to short term exposures via earphones or open audio listening.
    Suits pocket, purse, handbag, briefcase. When travelling, at work, shopping, in the kitchen etc.
    Many clients place the SLB, MP3 combo on a bedside table for use overnight with excellent results.

  4. Kinesiology testing should also be used to determine when the body has had enough. There is no advantage in continuing a treatment when the body cannot accept further exposure to the selected frequencies. This should always be kept in mind for a successful outcome for your clients for referrals & total satisfaction.

  5. Finally, please be aware that this protocol will not work for everyone. There will be those people who for whatever reason it just isn't going to work!

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